Industrial Communications

Industrial Communications

  • Enhanced Data Transmission for the Replacement of Private Wire Installations
  • Reservoir Level Control
  • Data Acquisition From Remote Outstations
  • Control Applications In Rural And Hilly Terrain Areas
  • Plant Alarm Monitoring

Vaporline Industrial Communications service deploys state of the art data communications systems into a range of industrial settings, including water and sewage handling systems, quarries, manufacturing plants and chemical and pharma industries. Our comms technology plays a key part in enabling automation and control across geographically scattered systems, large complex plants and multi-site operations.

Our GSM and radio systems can be stand alone and remotely powered via solar/wind technologies, or connected to mains. GSM deployments are not restricted to a single mobile carrier and therefore have a high uptime and connection success rate when compared to single-carrier systems, especially in areas where signal strength can be an issue. GSMs can be fast fixed to order and rapidly deployed. Any signal that is a 4-20 mA analog or digital signal can be transmitted point-to-point.

Water Industry Cases

Whatstandwell Sewage Treatment Works, Derbyshire – a solar and wind combined energy station.

Vaporline provides remote sustainable power to a telemetry alert system to for overflow monitoring, to help prevent sewage spills into the river and provide data to central control.

Provided a continuous electrical supply of 24V DC at 5amp.
Uses solar and wind control devices with battery backup.


Using Radio

Grindleford, Derbyshire – a distribution service reservoir.

Vaporline installed radio-based reporting of tank levels to the pumping station, controlling the on/off state or speed of pumps supplying the reservoir.

Via the use of the radio link, realtime data 4-20 mA, data goes to the control panel (built by Vaporline).

Vaporline can also install the pressure sensors, ultrasonics or radar to measure the depth.

IMG-20150617-WA0007 (3)

Using GSM

Alport to Ashford-in-the-Water, Derbyshire – a water network management system

Showing the flow of clean water at an underground flow monitoring station/reservoir at Ashford to a pumping station in Alport, using roaming multi-network Sim card and GSM technology, this data was centrally monitored by Severn Trent as part of area water management, boosted by an aerial.

GSM Data is sent in encrypted bursts for security and to minimise communication cost.

Vaporline installed SimRanger GSM units at both ends of the system and integrated the data into the overall automation scheme.


Uppermoor, Derbyshire DSR

Transmitted level signals from the Distribution Service Reservoir at Uppermoor, Derbyshire to two different sites, one to control Distribution Booster Station pumps at Longcliffe, Derbyshire, keeping the Uppermoor tank level full, the second to Newhaven Service Reservoir, Derbyshire, to disable the tank filling if Upermoor needed priority.


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