Vaporline Team

The Vaporline Team


David Bottomley
Managing Director

David is a highly experienced instrument, electrical and safety engineer with more than 30 years in industry. A qualified Atex and Puwer consultant, he has worked in and for many leading companies across the UK and internationally in manufacturing, pharma, food and allied industries. He founded Vaporline in 2010 to offer quality services to the sector, in both in E & I and CompEx and PUWER inspection. He has created and carried out a large number of project management solutions, from initial scoping to design, delivery and team management, across multiple industrial environments and sectors.


Rob Kirk
Project Engineer

Rob has worked for 20 years in the water industry as an instrument technician maintaining and installing both clean and sewage treatment instrument, control, radio, PLC and telemetry assets. He has also scoped and built requirements for many projects, leading their delivery and controlling budgets and work programmes in electrical and civil works contracts. Working with David Bottomley, he designed and manufactured a SIM card based multi- channel communication device to transmit and receive 4-20ma signals and relay statuses for remote applications, which were utilised in water and other industries.


James Bottomley
IT Manager

James spent many years working in the web technology and data management fields, managing projects from initial consultancy and requirements analysis through to delivery and completion, in fields such as large scale content transfer between systems, design of new data layouts, adherence to security standards and cloud technology requirements. In recent years he has developed and implemented apps for Vaporline in the fields of CompEx and PUWER and managed secure data migrations for customers to those platforms.


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