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Vaporline for safety critical systems inspection and remediation


Vaporline was founded in 2010 by David Bottomley, who has over 25 years experience in the fields of electrical and instrument engineering, process control, calibration, testing and inspection of process control systems.

The company offers complete turnkey solutions to small, medium and large companies in the fields of regulatory inspection, process control and general safety management.

Based in the East Midlands and working across the UK, Vaporline serves many blue chip and leading international companies, including Thermo Fisher, Reckitt Benckiser, Celanese, Ørsted, Health and Safety Executive, Coty, Recticel and Nippon Gases.


Vaporline specialises in PUWER and CompEx assessment and inspection, from initial assessment to safety strategy and from asset database construction to ongoing inspection delivery.

Onsite safety inspectors are fully qualified in their fields and up to date in critical safety systems management and remediation requirements.

High quality consulting and project management services ensure that our customers receive full support throughout the safety critical review and remediation processes. Vaporline provides CompEx and PUWER assessment, safety monitoring strategy design, onsite inspection and remediation of safety concerns and issues.


Vaporline uses state of the art software to report progress in safety checking, providing onsite teams with Ex-safe smartphone/app use for accurately recording all data onsite and providing timely and precise customer-centric reports and updates. The company uses secure cloud based storage with high security levels for data protection. Data can be integrated with SAP and other ERP systems for management consoles and safety auditing process workflows.

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PUWER Inspection

Professional and accredited safety inspection services for PUWER.

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Vaporline offers fully qualified and experienced CompEx inspection services

Electrical & Instrument Engineering

Process control, calibration, comms, testing and inspection.

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